9th Street between football field & Woodlawn - almost half done!

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We received the following information from Jamie Cornejo, City of Wellington, who is overseeing the repaving of 9th street between the football field and Woodlawn. Jamie reports that Kansas Pavers is the Contractor for the project and right now.. the project is about 45 % completed.

All curb/guttering and intersections have been completed. Contractor will not be working on the main line (9th street itself), from ball fields to Woodlawn this week. Approx. 8-900 square yards to pour.

Could see some concrete being placed later this week or early next week. Still have some fine grading and set-up to do before any concrete can be placed. After that, Jamie indicated they have a couple of ADA sidewalk ramps to be installed and backfilling & clean-up. The project on schedule with a completion date set for 8/26/19. Could be earlier if weather permits.

Anyone that has traveled on 9th street knows it was ready for some fixin'! The following link is the WHS IRONDUKES being bussed from WHS to the field back in the FALL of 2011. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, forward it to about the 2:10 mark and watch the bus "react" to the intersections along that 9th street stretch...has been a bumpy ride for a long time...it's going to be great when it's completed!

BUS RIDE Down 9th Street - 2011

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